All of these factors not only slash maintenance downtime and costs but also dramatically extend equipment life. Synthetic lubricants increase plant productivity by allowing machinery to operate for longer periods at peak efficiency. Their superior viscosity - temperature characteristics enable inventories to be minimized - adding further to the economical advantage. Moreover reduced consumption means lower disposal costs and fewer environmental problems.





High thermal stress resistance


Durable long term performance

Reduced viscosity variation with temperature change


Improved ability to flow at low temperatures
Less wear at cold start and elevated operating temperatures
No need for seasonal oil changes
Improved sealing

Load carrying capacity retained during long service life


Extended drain intervals

Improved lubricity


Higher efficiency and lower energy consumption
Less noise

Lower volatility


Reduced lubricant consumption

High Temperature oxidation resistance


Suitable for elevated temperature applications
Prevents thickening, minimal tarring, coking and lacquering

Good demulsification throughout lubricant life


Maintains lubricity in presence of water and steam
Prevents corrosion and rusting
Cuts disposal costs

Excellent contaminant stabilization


Protects equipment in harsh environments
Detergent effect dissolves carbon deposits

Efficient heat transfer


Improved cooling allows higher speeds and/or higher loads

Superior film strength


Reduced wear during intermittent operation

Higher flash-point and auto-ignition temperatures


Enhanced work place safety


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