Anderol BV introduces ANDEROL® 5000 Plus Range:

New Flender approved synthetic lubricants suited for gear applications with a need for high micro pitting resistance.


Anderol offers test results supporting its position that a switch to synthetic lubricants offers significant benefits. Compressors, like all machines,need lubrication. Lube oil is expensive. Machinery manufacturers of all types have made great strides resulting in improvements regarding product quality and length of their useful life. Still, after fuel (or power), the most expensive “consumable” in running  machine is the lubricating oil.

ANDEROL® Speciality Lubricants introduces ANDEROL C-NRT, a new range of compressor and vacuum pump lubricants that increase service life to a level 3 times longer than that currently demanded by O.E.M.'s.

A new synthetic Food Grade lubricant for compressors and vacuum pumps for the food grade industry increases the performance of the equipment and extends the drain intervals of the oil by at least 4 times .